Artistic career

Kako was born in 1963 in Montvert les Hauts, in Reunion island.

Lover of nature and close to the earth, he is fascinated by Trees. On his first canvas, Trees are imposing, trunks are denuded, behind which scenes of life appear.
The Etadam exhibition in 2000 was dedicated, in duo with Nathalie M, and the book published on this occasion reveal this subtle game. Hide and seek or distancing, the trees stands between the viewers and snapshots of daily life or scenes inspired by mythology as in the blue series of 2006. His work is enriched with his meeting with the american artist Hugues Weiss, whose dreamlike painting proposes imaginary travel in the real world of dream and the nightmare. Long conversations in his parisian workshop, with the artist and his wife , photographer, influences his painting.

The image of the tree continue to occupy a central place in his artistic research. Genealogical tree, gossip tree, tree of freedom, sacred tree... forest of symbols.
By inserting the tree with acrylic paint on prints photo of urban landscape, scenes of life in public spaces, it highlights the contradiction of image memory and time. The Tree is born, lives and persists, immobile character, stressing the schizophrenia of our modern lives. Thus was born the serie ‘’ seven days in New York’’.
In 2009, he meets Herve Di Rosa, one of the main artisan of the ‘’Figuration libre’’ with whom he establishes friendly relationships. His very colourful graphic universe seduced him, and the meetings that followed, influenced him.

The focal point of his creation, the Tree is today at the heart of «Le tour des origines d’un nouveau monde».
Kako has undertaken a serie of travels to the discovery of the country roots of a new world which is symbollised by Reunion island.
Of his stay in China and India, he brought many photos on just came to mention The Tree, representing the relationship between Man, symbol of the link between the real and our imaginary


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